Web Hosting

Yohoopla Business Level Monitored Hosting

The hosting provided by YoHoopla is unique in that we don't just stick a website on a server and let the client figure everything out.  We do the work on the server side, but also on the website side.  This means we do regular website updates, malware scanning, extension updates, monthly reports on traffic and the health of your website.  We perform daily, weekly and archive backups. We take a hands on knowledgeable approach to your website to be sure it's running optimally.  Here's what you get for our business level $99 per month account.  Buy an annual service for $990 (thats two months free!)

YoHoopla Hosting Benefits

  • $99 per month or $990 annually (thats two months free!)

Move an Existing Website

  • Initial website diagnostic and cleanup
  • Perform needed website system updates
  • Malware diagnosis and removal
  • Migration of database and website files
  • Complete turn-key migration of your Joomla or Magento website

Our Hosting Services

  • 24 hour malware scanning
  • Website and hosting firewall for protection
  • Joomla system updates every 30 days
  • Joomla extension updates every 30 days
  • Monthly website traffic and website health reports
  • Weekly website backups with monthly archive system
  • Unlimited custom email addresses forwarded to Gmail or other mail platform
  • Gmail email setup service

Hosting Backbone

  • Amazon EC2 Cloud Server
  • Amazon end to end secure approach for secure and hardened infrastructure
  • Quick scalability and secure infrastructure


  • Email generated support ticket system - responses within 24 hours
  • Emergency phone support

Getting Started
To have us take a look at your existing website and start the migration process please utilize our contact ticket system, click here!